Sunday, April 17, 2011

what happened to JYC 2010?

Well.......i think my mojo deserted it. I did my journalling every day of the Journal Your Christmas course, but somehow the layouts never seemed to appear. Infact, to date I have still only achieved about 20% of the project.

Woeful, isnt it! As i have just finished the re-run of Shimelle's Blogging For Scrapbookers course it has got me thinking that i should maybe revisit my work in progress from her JYC course.

Ofcourse next year, I might not commit to doing a layout for everyday, but only do a layout for those days that i feel has something worthy of a layout. Or i might decide that i want to have a christmas day photo every year for my big album. Who knows...

For now, It's back to the craft room to try to salvage my mini album. Wish me luck (and inspiration).


weewiccababe said...

sending you luck quine - I need to go back and do the kids baby albums :(

furrypig said...

thank you so much for visiting my blog today and leaving a comment. Hope you enjoyed the blog hop. I love some of your thoughts on catching up with JYC I only did a page for Dec 1st!! Will be back to see what you decide to do xxx

humel said...

I wish you plenty of both! :-)

You asked if I would use the same size and format for my JYC this year? I have other plans at the moment, involving something smaller scale for my own project but also working with my daughter to make a project with and for her; however, who knows how my ideas might have developed by December lol!!