Monday, April 4, 2011

Monday and another UKS layout

It's Monday again. How did that happen? Not really sure where last week went, but i know what happened to last week's UKS challenge....I finished it by the skin of my teeth.

Just before taking mum out to a very nice restaurant for mothers day, i finished this layout for her

The only problem was after using the glimmer mist to make the background, and wiping it off the mask, both hands turned the corresponding shade of blue/green. No problem, I thought, wet wipe to the rescue. Eh...NO took 3 wet wipes and washing my hand with liquid soap before i resorted to a scrubbing with good old fairy liquid and a scouring pad. Even now my nail beds are a lighter shade of green.

Note to self......wear rubber gloves next time.

Thankfully, mum liked her mothers day gift. Infact she tactfully asked if she was getting a corresponding page with the other 3 photos from that day. My reply...... yes but without the glimmer mist!


weewiccababe said...

ah we live and learn eh quine
fab layout - would kill for some weather like that

Lisa-Jane said...

Beautiful colours on this! Also, I don't pray, but I am a big sender of positive vibes and so I'm sending loads to you all after reading your story xx

Becky said...

Lovely layout :)