Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thursdays Thoughts

I am still hopping back and forth over to the Blogging for Scrapbooker forum, so i thought i would revisit one of the latter prompts from the course.
  • Seeing much more craft stuff because i can view blogger again. Ofcourse, now i want to be spending more time making craft stuff because i have all this inspiration to hand.
  • Hearing good news from other people, it helps lift the spirits. Joy is joyful whenever you hear of it, whoever it belongs to. Never be afraid to share happy thoughts with others, no matter what they are going through. You never  know, it might be the only piece of good news they get that day.
  • Smelling my covent garden shower gel that i have just started using again. I dont know why i ever stop because i love it.
  • Tasting mature scottish cheddar - one of our friends brought a 2k pack for us at the weekend. How fab was that!
  • Thinking that we have met the nicest people, online and in real life. We are so lucky to be surrounded by such wonderful people.
Those are my thoughts for today, and i hope you are having a Terrific Thursday where ever you are.

Also, a big hello to my new follower Lizzie.


Alison said...

They are very happy thought...I like happy thoughts!
Alison xx

kayc said...

What lovely thoughts. Thanks for your kind comments. Happy Crafting. Kathleen x