Tuesday, April 19, 2011

JYC back on track

Well, after dropping by a few of the participants that managed to finish their JYC album - Pauline and Mel
I was motivated to give my album another go. Mel's words hit the mark when she said that she might not love every page but she loved the project. I think that might have been what was holding me back. Kind of like the photo intimidation that i spoke about on this page .

So here are a few more of my JYC pages:

taking time to look at these pages, it reminds me that the project was to journal, not just make pretty pages.

Hopefully there will still be more to come, and one day i might get to let everyone know that i have indeed finished the project. 

Big hello to my new followers - pauline and mel.

I'm trying to keep posting as much craft related stuff as i can on the blog, but a few everyday stories might pop up now and then.

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Ladkyis said...

I think the most important thing is that it shopuld be fun. If you aren't having fun then don't do it. Put it aside and take it up again for this year - you can either redo the pages or carry on from where you stopped. It took me three attempts to complete it and I am sure that it was only because I decided that my journal would end with Boxing Day - it suddenly stopped being insurmountable after that.